This project encompassed all that was my BFA in Graphic Design at a liberal fine arts university. See it for what it’s worth and let me know what you think!

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I Love Hikes

Regardless of the time and place, I try to get out and enjoy nature. Most of these hikes are around the Bay Area as I live here in San Mateo, but I hope to venture around the world soon! Click here to see where I’ve been so far.


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DIY: Surfboard Wall Rack

Backstory time: Tash and I drove down to San Diego to film a wedding with Jason. While down there we decided to hit up the resale shops for a couple cheap wetsuits. $20 and two wetsuits later the three of us hit the beach and caught a few waves! The board I used was...

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Surf Spots Near Me

Bay Area (Plus Extra) Surf Spots   Now that I've taken an interest into surfing, I think it's time we nerd out a little and get some on-going research started. Based off some of the better recommendations and local areas to surf, I've compiled a list of live...

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