In 2016 I responded to a Craigslist posting for a videographer position to shoot video for a “foldable longboard.” After my interview over some Starbucks coffee, I realized I didn’t get the job. Instead, BoardUp’s CEO, Bin Lu, hired me as an Online Marketing Director contractor. BoardUp’s workplace motto could be summed up with “aim high and hit higher.” The company did the impossible in creating a sturdy foldable longboard and is continuing to develop new products.



  • Funnel product information and imagery into a successful layout
  • Manage company social media platforms public feed
  • Host and execute product give-aways for exposure
  • Interact with followers to promote brand image


  • Learn down hill longboarding to test the product beyond specifications
  • Ride beta products to push durability and functionality
  • Provide feedback via videos, imagery, and copy-based outlines


  • Capture video and photo as rider as well as follow camera
  • Log and organize product shoots into libraries for easy access
  • Gather customer content via social media platforms
  • Post on behalf of company to multiple social media platforms
  • Export files to manageable sizes for website use


  • Innovate the BoardUp Ambassador program from the ground up
  • Develop web-based application portal for interested applicants
  • Maintain relations with athletes and support product at a higher level
  • Ensure ambassadors have proper resources to effectively represent the brand


  • Analyze traffic and various trends to maximize conversion rate
  • Utilize BoardUp content to present the unique aspects of product
  • A/B test website information and layout and cater best on performance results


February 10th, 2016  →  Present