Best Buy has there stuff together and is a full experience when it comes to working for a business. Their training, team building, and exposure to experience definitely can definitely be labeled as a strong suite. The management team is strong and offer guidance to help better skillsets and encourage to work towards goals.



  • Stay up to date on latest and greatest in product industry
  • Assist team members in personal areas of expertise such as DSLRs and camp
  • Test products on display for a better handle on functionality and specifications


  • Provide seamless customer interaction with product presentation, information, and check out
  • Communicate in a way that conveys complicated information in a simple way for customer comprehension
  • Handle escalated customers stemming from product failure to price reduction after sale


  • Demonstrate product features and walk customers through tutorials on how to better us their purchase
  • Troubleshoot various items sold in store for customers who experience issues
  •  Explain company return policies and information on extended warranty options


September, 2010  →  May, 2011