The MARCOM department of Biola University was my promise land. It truly was a land of opportunity and all things nice including the people and resources. The university provides multiple facets throughout the media capturing process both in stills and video. Biola’s quality of production maintains a high level of criteria in publication and remains uniform throughout it’s platforms.



  • Setup and record events shooting on various camera rigs with exposure to different audio rigs
  • Develop light design to properly illuminate subjects in studio setting
  • Edit media into final movies using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Lightroom
  • Back Up final exported media to campus server for all department access


  • Lead university campaign using photography to capture over 200+ students’ portraits and story
  • Specify resources needed for onsite shoots with portable solutions enabling travel
  • Archive files and manage content into an Adobe Lightroom library
  • Photo retouch images to a clean aesthetic with a uniform color grade and appearance


  • Correspond with event lead on camera angles covered and narrow in on desired shots
  • Roam event to cover action with live feed to switcher for a more full audience experience
  • Communicate via walkie with director to execute desired and specific shots
  • Serve as grip for setup/strike lighting, trusses, cranes, and other gear


  • Create poster ads for events, mission trips, and fundraisers
  • Retain and expand knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign
  • Refine current workflow to a faster turnaround time for clientele


September 8th, 2015  →  Present