DIY: Surfboard Wall Rack

Backstory time: Tash and I drove down to San Diego to film a wedding with Jason. While down there we decided to hit up the resale shops for a couple cheap wetsuits. $20 and two wetsuits later the three of us hit the beach and caught a few waves! The board I used was an old eight footer that was stuffed away in the attic and Tash mastered the boogie board for the majority of the time we were out.

After we drove back to San Mateo with Tash’s old board, it was official that I caught the surfing bug. GoPro offered some OT and I sold some toys that week to purchase a Wave storm from Costco. At $99 you can’t go wrong for a easy foam top. Especially when it looks good too, check out the Rasta.

Now with two boards in the apartment, space was getting small so we needed to improvise. Thankfully we had a massive blank wall in the bedroom and $6 to spare. Here’s how I made my wall-mounted surfboard rack…

Home Depot had everything I needed for cheap. I only needed a couple items:

  1. About 12′ of 2x4s Wood
  2. One eight-foot piece of 1/2″ PVC Pipe ($2)
  3. Two 3/8″ black pipe insulation sections ($2 each = $4 Total)

Now with all the materials ready, it was time to cut them to size. My goal with the wood was to make two columns thick enough to just insert the PVC pipes and let them rest at an angle. In order to get that thickness, I cut the sections to about 2 feet so each board had enough space to rest on the wall without having the fins touch. After a little sanding for a more level surface, I glued three pieces together. While those dried, I measured the distance I wanted my support arms to be based on the width of the surfboard. The boards’ width was about 25″ all the way across but my ceiling wasn’t allowing that so it ended up being closer to about 20″.


Now that the glue was dry and my PVC pipes were cut to size, it was time to drill the holes. I held up the wood to the boards to get an idea on where I wanted the support arms to rest on the planks and measured them out to make each section equal. From there, I drilled 3/4″ holes into the pieces of wood. First, I started the hole straight up and down to get the drill into the wood. Then after the hole’s circumference was established, I shifted my drill at a 20 degree angle and pushed all the way till the tip of the drill bit went through the back of the wood. From there, I gave the wood a fresh coat of paint. This helped tie the wood into the interior of the room, but also gave just a hint extra material in the holes so the PVC pipe would stick nicely. From there, I pre-drilled a couple holes where my screws would go in and then installed them up on the wall.


Surf Spots Near Me

Bay Area (Plus Extra) Surf Spots


Now that I’ve taken an interest into surfing, I think it’s time we nerd out a little and get some on-going research started. Based off some of the better recommendations and local areas to surf, I’ve compiled a list of live stream cameras via NOTE: None of these cameras are mine!

Anyways, hopefully others can use this site for a live update on the waves. Enjoy and share your rides!

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach is a beach on the west coast of San Francisco, California, United States, bordering the Pacific Ocean. It is adjacent to Golden Gate Park, the Richmond District, and the Sunset District.

Pacifica Linda Mar Beach

Pacifica State Beach is the southernmost of Pacifica, California’s large beaches, it is a 0.75 mile long crescent shaped beach located at the mouth of the San Pedro Valley in downtown Pacifica off State Route 1, in San Mateo County.

Cowells, Santa Cruz

Cowell Beach, aka Cowell’s, is the name of the beach west of the Municipal Wharf pier in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. On the other side of the pier is the larger more popular Santa Cruz Main Beach.


Mavericks is a surfing location in northern California about 2 miles from shore outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-by-the-Sea.

First Time Surfing!

First Time Surfing!


I’ve successfully been in California for over five years now and haven’t caught a wave. My friend Jason helped me fix that. Early Sunday morning, Tash and I drove down to meet up with him and the boards and carpool to Santa Cruz. After a couple rented wetsuits and another board rented, we were off to the waves.


I always heard people say surfing was tricky and that there isn’t a way to explain how to catch a wave besides just doing it. Jason was the same. BUT he definitely provided feedback which got me up in no time. The Coscto foam board is so easy to ride, it could catch a wave on a herd of snails! Anyways, enough reading, just watch this short edit from the surf session our in Santa Cruz.


Mount Tam Hike

Mount Tam Hike

Mount Tam takes a while to drive up just to start a trail but boy is it worth it. Basically, the mountain has two sides to it; one with long grass and boulders, and another with thick forestry. Both offer amazing views and panoramic moments. The grassy side of the mountain is pretty similar no matter where you go. Lots of rolling hills that go straight down. They’re amazing to take in, but once was enough for our crew.


The other side of the mountain has acres and acres of shaded routes and trails. We hiked inward for about an hour and decided to turn back before it got too dark. We’ll be back for sure to cover more ground and explore the uncharted hikes within!

Here’s a panoramic selfie from the top of the grassy side. Click on the full screen on the top right of the picture to go full screen!

Mavic Pro Active Track Test

Mavic Pro - Active Track Test


After getting the Mavic Pro I had to give the obstacle avoidance and active tracking feature. I got in front of the drone and gave the controller to Jason as a back up. I must say I was pretty impressed!


Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

The time was approaching where GoPro was about to launch their Karma Drone world wide. And when things get launched world wide, our customer support needs to be trained on the new product. I was placed on a team of three people who were flown out to Lisbon, Portugal.


It isn’t too hard to explain how awesome the trip was when we were equipped with multiple cameras and a drone. Below are a couple pictures as well as some panoramas captured from our two-week stay. My apologies for the lack of footage, but I promised myself I wouldn’t take pictures of my meals and act like a tourist. For another sweet opportunity in Lisbon, check out my Cristo Rei post. Otherwise, enjoy the aerial video and panoramas below!


Click on each image below to see all around. Click on the full screen icon on the top right in order to see the full image all at once!