Mavic Pro Active Track Test

Mavic Pro - Active Track Test


After getting the Mavic Pro I had to give the obstacle avoidance and active tracking feature. I got in front of the drone and gave the controller to Jason as a back up. I must say I was pretty impressed!


Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

The time was approaching where GoPro was about to launch their Karma Drone world wide. And when things get launched world wide, our customer support needs to be trained on the new product. I was placed on a team of three people who were flown out to Lisbon, Portugal.


It isn’t too hard to explain how awesome the trip was when we were equipped with multiple cameras and a drone. Below are a couple pictures as well as some panoramas captured from our two-week stay. My apologies for the lack of footage, but I promised myself I wouldn’t take pictures of my meals and act like a tourist. For another sweet opportunity in Lisbon, check out my Cristo Rei post. Otherwise, enjoy the aerial video and panoramas below!


Click on each image below to see all around. Click on the full screen icon on the top right in order to see the full image all at once!

Longboard Dronie – Hand Release

Longboard Dronie - Hand Release


Ever since the DJI Phantom series came out, people have used the landing gear as a handle only to use the drone as a flying selfie camera. The result might not be as exhilarating as the actual release, but it’s an adrenaline all the same.

My buddy Jason, Nes and I tried this out. We took turns but in this video, Jason piloted the drone in ATTI mode while I released the drone. Nes was on cam op in the racing drone that followed me in another video.