Short Trip To Chicago

This post isn’t the most exciting but I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to update you on the latest adventure I almost had. Let’s start about a week ago.

Thursday August 3th, one of my good friends, Gio, texted me saying that he’e in the Bay Area soon and wanted to hang out. The next thing I know, Tash texted me saying, “I just saw Gio outside the store so I grabbed him, we’re going to hang out till you get off work!” One thing led to another and we stayed up till two in the morning watching food documentaries on Netflix. The next day I went to work while he and Tash hit up an indoor cycling class. Afterwards, we all went to the airport as Tash and I needed to fly out to Chicago and Gio was taking BART to see another friend.



We said our goodbyes and boarded our plane! While I didn’t have too many pictures from the wedding day, both my cousin and her (now) husband looked amazing. It was a perfect wedding that overlooked a small lake near Wheaton that included many elements that were either made, performed, or included from family which made it special. We sang, we danced, we cleaned things and finished the night with Jimmy Neutron. Just like old times.



Tash and I tried to make it a point to explore the city but we came down with some food poisoning which put us on our backs for the rest of the trip. Quite litterally, we laid down in Maggie Park for six hours before we caught our flight back to SFO. But before we took off, two random dudes-mans walked up to me asked if I knew about The Good Word. I told them I was tight with the big man upstairs. All in all a fun weekend. Here’s a 360 from the Bean with my friend from high school!