Meet Aaron Cantleberry


Aaron is a midwest-grown yank who has too much energy for his own good. He’s a happily married man to his wife, Natasha (or Tash), and lives in San Mateo California. GoPro Inc. sees him 5 days out of the week as he logs in hours as a Product Support Specialist for their aerial platform, Karma.

He enjoys hanging out with friends and family especially when camera gear is involved. Most weekends are filled with a hike or run in the Bay Area along with some good ol’ church courtesy of Reality SF.

Fun-Filled Adventure

  • I love getting my legs moving for a good hike with a view
  • Playing any sport is my favorite (soccer, football, lacrosse…)
  • Going fast is my second favorite (longboarding, snowboarding…)

Knowledge Is Power

  • If it’s on Youtube, I can learn it
  • I love learning new things and facts
  • Gear/Tech, Holistic Lifestyle, Religion

Experience as Teacher

  • Toss me in the deep end and I’ll touch the bottom
  • Give me a project, I’ll manage
  • Deadlines serve as fuel to the fire

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