Above Cebu

Right after graduation, I had the opportunity to fly out to the Philippines for my brothers destination wedding. It wasn’t the stereotypical backpacking trip to Europe like most college grads do, but ended up being much more than I anticipated. The country’s state is quite the paradox as most of the population lives in small huts composed of 2x4s and tarps.


The experience was eye-opening at the very least and I’m not talking about the developing aspect of the country. While most people survive on the equivalent of a couple dollars a day, they are the most happy and hospitable people you’ll ever meet. Many people pull you aside for conversation to work on their English if they know any. If it’s not to have a conversation, it’s to dance.


If I took anything from the Philippines, it’s that they love to move and sing. Beyond that, they have some of the most beautiful landscapes. This small set of island covers everything from the jungle, city life, and rolling chocolate hills. It was my goal to capture this beauty and display it in a short aerial film using my drone.