FINE | MOTION is my senior thesis to my BFA in Graphic Design. My main goal was to introduce and encompass a full campaign that revealed every tool learned throughout my four years as an undergrad. Rather than just showing my design aspects in business cards and print-based advertising, I wanted to display my photography and videography skills as well.


The concept was straight forward, capture, Nike-like photography that emphasize athletes in the climax of their respective sport. This called for recruiting, scheduling, and gear renting in order to have my main content. Design and video followed in multiple fashions. I chose to create a couple different print-based publications that gave my show information and sneak peak snapshots of the content to be shown. At the same time, video was introduced through individual BTS (behind the scenes) shots that wrapped up each shoot.


After it was all said and done, my seven final images were printed and hung as six feet pieces in the fine are gallery. In the same area, I also had a running video that harnessed most aspects of each shoot to reveal the “making of” and fun parts of each athlete. Also on display was a binder with athlete biographies along with the camera settings used to capture the image shown on large scale.


Check out the full experience by scrolling down to understand what it was like in the gallery.

In order to keep my audience updated on this project from start to finish, I made video updates. These posts on my social media channels and website enabled anyone to stay up to date on my progress, and contribute if they felt led.

After everything print was hung and the projector was running the BTS videos, the gallery doors opened. It was amazing to watch people gaze into every detail of these towering images and get lost in the portrayed motion. After the showing was over, I sold most of the prints and documented the following pictures.