Hip Hop

If you saw my project before his called Pointé, you might notice a similar theme here. After I experimented with the dynamic look of a black background, dynamic subject, and interactive graphics, I had to develop this style. With that mentality, this image brings us to end end of my freshman year in college.


My friend asked to help with his graduation pictures so we went out and captured the ol’ smiley ones for mom, but captured this one at the end of the day. With just one strobe flash, hallway lighting, and a faster shutter speed than strobe, we caught this frame. It captured the amount of control and edge that brought with his approach to dance. This aspect of the picture was easy to reflect with my new idea of showing motion through external factors. Using my preset Photoshop brushes, I wired these synthetic and abstract lighting effects around his body.


I loved the presentation of this style and immediately added it to my photo retouching tool belt. To date, this is one of my favorite effects created from scratch. I still have yet to see anything quite like it and want to continue building on the visual appearance it brings to my imagery.