This project has quite the back story. At the time, I was working at my first cheese factory as a utility contractor. My job was to do whatever they told me and in most cases, that was to help on the cheese cutting lines. So yes, I was paid to cut the cheese. Many times a day. It’s a very repetitive job that requires a lot of manual labor. Depending on what cheese line they placed me on, I was lifting 100l-pound blocks of cheese and throwing them onto a conveyer belt. The easier lines consisted of 40-pound blocks which was just as fun.


The thing that made the job possible were the people there, more specifically the two friends from high school. I’d played soccer and snowboard with my friend Scott for many years before this point in life and through that, I’d met his girlfriend Megan. They were awesome so it was common for us to shoot the breeze at work.


One day while cutting the cheese, I was working next to Megan. I can’t quite remember how exactly it came up, but she mentioned that she practiced point dance or ballet. It wasn’t everyday that topic came up so we ran with it. One thing lead to another and we figured out a time where I could take a couple photos of her posing for the camera. Ultimately, I wanted to experiment with a new concept I drafted up in Photoshop and this was a prime opportunity.


Within the next couple days, Megan and Scott were in my family’s living room helping me setup a background for the shoot. Megan posed with elegance and I pressed a button a couple times. After a couple shots I took the files to photoshop and stayed up most of the night working on what you see below. I hope you enjoy it more than this cheesy story.