Powder Portraits


Summer was real and my creative juices were running dry. That’s when I ran across a Facebook video tutorial on a homemade throwing powder recipe. Naturally I went to the store and picked up the necessary items to make this happen. The process alone was fun as it included lots of color and working with my hands. Not to mention the goop.


After a couple batches of different colors, I invited some friends over for a quick shoot. My garage door was open to allow as much natural light as possible as I planned to capture these portraits on a pure white background. Anyone driving by probably thought it was one of the most janky setups they’ve ever seen. Regardless, my friends arrived and we covered the ground in colored powder.



Another fun thing about this shoot was that I recorded video of the action. I strapped two GoPros to a rotating PVC pipe that acted as a 360 dolly shot. We used a custom field monitor I made that previewed the live stream from the HERO4 Black. That way we were able to match the angles and ensure we captured all the action. Check out the BTS video below.



I did the extra credit and took pictures of the powder-making process. Long story short, you take a lot of corn starch, add a little water and food coloring, then dry it out. Once it’s in a chalky bar-like form, it has to be chopped up and put in a blender. I put the final batch of powder in zip log bags and then threw it all over my garage.